Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Community Reversing Diabetes - sharing during the journey. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. about this board

    1. This board is intended primarily for Type 2 diabetics (and pre-diabetics) who want to reverse their diabetes via a ketogenic diet and/or fasting. Those who simply wish to use these tools to reduce their insulin resistance and inflammation are welcome also. We will all become trimmer, stronger and healthier together! #
    2. The Reversing Diabetes Community is a public forum. Anyone, including Google and other bots, can read anything you post here. The entire board can be read by anyone without registering, but registration is required to post. You are allowed to register with a pseudonym, but cannot register without a valid email address. User name length is between 3 and 20 characters; passwords must be at least 6 characters. #
    3. On the left, directly under the page header, is a question mark icon labelled FAQ. This was written by the developers of the software to help you. It explains how to do everything this board can do: how to register, set up your profile, format posts and polls, manage friends and foes lists, search the boards, subscribe to or bookmark topics... it's very thorough! #
    4. Signatures are added to the bottom of every post you make. They may be set up in the user control panel and can contain up to 255 characters (about five lines of normal sized text) and only 5 links. I'd ask that the font size be normal or small. If an image is included, a graphic no more than 60px high and 468px wide in size will leave room for two lines of small sized text. #
    5. Avatars should be no larger than 90x90 pixels and cannot contain animation. Unfortunately, this software does not allow you to drag-and-drop a graphic, nor will it resize or edit directly as some social media sites do. You must have an appropriate graphic on your computer or phone and upload it directly. #
    6. I support the Eat Like a Bear! community without reservation and expect many will be members and participate in both communities. However, Reversing Diabetes is not a subgroup of ELAB and ELAB has no responsibility for anything that occurs here. #
  2. posting rules

    1. All rules apply to forum posts as well as private messages. #
    2. Be kind. I have always greatly enjoyed interacting with others online and thus welcome all posts and comments. I even welcome disagreements with me or others, as long as you can disagree without being disagreeable. If I think you're trolling (posting something controversial just to get a rise out of people), you're in danger of a ban. Specifically disallowed is hate speech directed against any group and/or personal attacks; these will nearly certainly get you banned. #
    3. You own your words. All submissions are owned by their authors. Authors are responsible for their opinions (as I have quite enough of my own). Please do not post material that is not your own original writing. No copyright infringement! #
    4. No spam. External links are permitted when pointing to a useful resource. Self-promotion is permitted only in your signature file. Posts with bunches of links, especially affiliate or other commercial links, may be deleted at my discretion. No direct sales are allowed in forums or private messages. #
    5. No medical advice. Although we are obviously discussing a medical issue, no one may diagnose or prescribe on these boards. You can share your experience or knowledge. You can also suggest topics to be discussed with health care professionals. While we're in this together, and some may have more training or knowledge than others, this board is no place for actual medical treatment. #
    6. Your mileage may vary. I had to be very extreme to reverse my diabetes; most will not need to be as extreme as I was, and a few may need to be stricter. Variation is allowed, but please attempt to post in the relevant forum. #
  3. enforcement

    1. Posts do not need prior approval. After the fact, a post may be locked (preventing future comments) or deleted to enforce my sense of civility, to keep the site spam-free, to shut down conflicts when emotions run high and/or to prevent copyright violation. Posts may also be moved if the topic is more appropriate to another forum. #
    2. Users may be issued a warning if they break a rule of banned if the infraction is bad enough. While posts generally do not require approval, an individual user may be placed on post moderation when needed to limit my work here. #
    3. I expect there will be moderators in the future, but for now, there is just me and I need your help! Please do not engage with problematic posts, but use the "Report this post" button to notify me. #
    4. I am new to administering this software so may make mistakes. If you feel you have been treated unfairly, please send me (jpatti) a private message.

      I will try very hard to be fair, but I am the final arbitrator. #