Jackie's testimony

If you've had success reversing your diabetes, even if you're not fully in remission yet, please share your story here to inspire others.
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Jackie's testimony

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This was my testimony as written for the ELAB Jump Start book at 11 months. As I'm writing this, I'm 21 months in. There have been additional health challenges and numerous NSVs in these past ten months. My 7-day average bG as reported by my Libre right now is 72 mg/dL (4.0 mmol/L).

But likely the biggest change is that I am on fire to help others reverse diabetes. I've spent thousands of hours and way more money than I care to admit trying to get the word out that you can reverse your diabetes.

My primary NSV: you're soaking in it. :D
My diabetes is in remission; yours can be too! :D
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