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I'm Jori. I've been diabetic for 25 years, type 2 and insulin dependant for 10 years.
I was recently diagnosed with a bubble in the center of my left retina resulting in a blurring of my vision. I was treated with a laser and will return in a month to see how things are progressing. The cause is leaking blood vessels and is caused by diabetes.
I'd like to keep this from happening to my right eye, there is a bubble there too but not in the center. As well as preventing further damage.
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That is scary stuff. Welcome and please do explore the site.

I was a T2 for 30+ years and on MDI for 12+ years, but have had non-diabetic A1cs for 2 years without any meds. It really is possible to reverse diabetes and much of the metabolic damage it causes.
My diabetes is in remission; yours can be too! :D
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