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Welcome from Jackie

Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2021 5:18 pm
by jpatti
Hi, I'm Jackie, owner of this web site and administrator of this board.

I was a Type 2 diabetic for over 30 years, on multiple daily injections of insulin for over 12. The American Diabetes Association defines remission as a year of normal A1c's without any diabetic medications. My diabetes is in remission; yours can be too!

You will need to post your introduction in this forum before posting in other forums, though you can read all the community forums immediately.

If you have questions as you begin your journey, check the FAQs (frequently asked questions) subforum or post your question here.

Welcome to the board as together we kick diabetes to the curb :!:

Re: Welcome from Jackie

Posted: Thu Mar 17, 2022 2:27 am
by jzirbel
You introduced me to information about reversing diabetes. Thank you

Re: Welcome from Jackie

Posted: Tue Apr 05, 2022 2:57 pm
by Joshem
Found ELAB a couple years ago and was intrigued then. I have been working thru trauma during this time, having ‘shut down’ in response. Though my weight is def metabolic syndrome, the mindset/mental component, is essential. I have had to incorporate a lot of self compassion as I slowly add things back into my life. I had to step away from University because I couldn’t think anymore, three years ago. I finally feel ready to go back and start in two weeks. It’s exciting to feel that again. I’ve known fasting was the answer for some time. I’ve done IF though not keto on/off since I found out I didn’t have to eat if I’m not hungry… (mind blown) and the insulin/fat fight. I have refused T2 meds and other ones my dr wants me to take. We have an open dialog about my stubbornness. I just keep going back to the knowledge that this can actually be healed… and the meds make it worse. I’m 53 divorced mom of a 12yr old and 9 yr old. I had a hysterectomy in 2018 because of fibroids causing anaemia. This is very random, I know, lol. I have purchased and read Amanda’s RBS and jumpstart books and have been bingeing the videos. I found your site from mentions there… because I my goal too is to reverse diabetes… and the great side effect of losing the weight so I can live more fully in my body. I am proof that exercise alone cannot help one with metabolic syndrome. Maybe 20 years ago, when my liver was not so far gone and my A1C was still pre-diabetic… but last summer, I braved all the fears and did water aerobics 5x a week for 3months… and didn’t drop weight. It felt great… I had more energy, and built muscle. I was stronger and it helped with confidence and brought me back into ‘community’. I began hiking over fall/winter. I’m slowly building my stamina and cardio abilities. The past few months have been tough, Covid, pneumonia, bronchitis… but I’m well again and can go on 1-2 mile walks. My weight is still not budging and my T2 is not leaving either. A1C in high 7’s last it was checked. Im 5’8ish and 260. I have all the lame excuses for not fully committing. I really appreciate yours and AR videos and bringing to light all the issues we all face. My story is not unique, you all have felt and feel these challenges. It’s so great to have this community. I LOVE the science. It helps me to understand how the pieces fit and to make better decisions for myself. Even if I understand that something is important, having the science explained solidifies it in my mind. Like how our bodies cannot release the fat stores if we have high insulin… it’s just a metabolic ‘law’… helps me not want to ‘trigger’ it. Can you tell I’m an over thinker analyzer? Lol. It can be a gift, but I learned that getting stuck there is often how my cptsd manifests. I am working on being ‘present’, taking action in the ‘now’ and not worrying about the future while at the same time walking a hopeful path in the direction I want to go. So, I’m studying this… finding answers to things that concern me. I’ve been doing OMAD and 2mad… not fully keto yet. Just building my fasting window. I am also working on what I will eat. (That I will actually consume)… the FB group and everyone’s sharing of dishes helps me. I purchased also, the last ‘day 1’… I want this to be that for me. So I’m being patient … I’m actually ‘doing it’ before I’ve started, lol. My children and I live with my parents and I’m working around the challenges that come with that. I’ve made the electrolyte drink with the cream of tartar ( because I had all the things)… and lean on keeping those in good form. I have trouble remembering all the little pieces that make a difference, all at once. I have been adding acv too. I don’t mind chugging diluted acv. Anything I can do to stop the nauseous feeling that comes and goes during the fasting window… acv and a pinch of sea salt under the tongue usually helps me. Ok. This is super long and I’m rambling. Thank you for everything and I look forward to engaging more in the community as I move forward. So grateful to have found ‘my’ tribe and not feel so alone in the journey. 🌞

Re: Welcome from Jackie

Posted: Thu May 12, 2022 2:16 pm
by jpatti
I love the science too, being of that mindset in general.

As for meds, I'd avoid any of the sulfonylurea drugs or GLP1 agonists as these work by increasing your insulin production, which is the basis of our entire problem as people with insulin resistance. And obviously insulin itself too.

However, metformin is a decent medication with minimal side effects (primarily, that it prevents the absorption of B-12, so it's good to take a B-complex away from your metformin dose). And it reduces the chances of heart disease in diabetics. In fact, metformin is taken by many without IR as a longevity treatment without issue.

What really hits me in your post is the emphasis on the minset changes, the need to totally transform our relationshiop with food. That is HUGE really. The food is necessary, but not sufficient; no one is going to be happy on a diet long-term that they don't really enjoy both as the food they're eating and as the benefits it provides.

My mindset wrt food ahs changed tremendously in the 2 1/2 years I've been doing ELAB: