How do diabetics eat correctly?

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How do diabetics eat correctly?

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Diet therapy is the most important treatment method in the treatment of diabetic patients. Any type of diabetes, any patient needs diet therapy at any time. The general principles of diet therapy are as follows.

The first is to control the total calories throughout the day and the total calories throughout the day. This requires us to control not only the amount of staple food, but also the amount of non-staple food. Many people think that I have reduced the staple food, then It’s okay to eat non-staple food at will, and that’s not the case, because if you eat too much non-staple food, your total calories may also go up. For example, many people eat meat instead of staple food, so fat and calories will go up. Therefore, people with diabetes should not only control the amount of staple food, it is best not to exceed 60 taels of staple food throughout the day. According to the blood sugar situation, if the blood sugar control is poor, then the amount of staple food should still be reduced by one, but also according to this exercise. If you exercise more, the staple food can be slightly increased. If you exercise less, the staple food should be reduced. Many people think that the non-staple food is forbidden to eat meat. Isn’t it true that I just eat vegetables? Don’t eat meat, which means don’t eat too much meat. Then we say chicken, duck, fish and other non-staple foods are all edible, but we have to control the amount. My point of view is that these chicken, duck and fish are rich in We have to eat protein every day. We must strictly control the amount and try to be simple. It is best to eat some at each meal, because after our staple food is reduced, if the quality of non-staple food and protein can not keep up, then it is Maybe the patient’s ability to tolerate hunger will decrease, and soon he will be hungry soon. Then if you add a little protein, add a few pieces of meat and a few pieces of chicken, or add a little shrimp and a few more. Fish, after these are added, our condition of tolerance to hunger will get better. As long as the patient is up, he will not be too hungry. In this case, our blood sugar will not be too high, so the calories can also be controlled. Nutrition can also be guaranteed.

So my suggestion is to have fewer staple foods. Then, in non-staple foods, pay attention to the intake of this protein and improve the quality. That is to say, it is less and more refined. It is okay to eat more vegetables, because vegetables contain fiber and fiber can be used. It helps to lower blood sugar, so you should eat more green leafy vegetables, and the meat should be less staple food. Remember this principle. Some of our patients are afraid of high blood sugar, so they eat very vegetarian food, such as chicken, duck and fish. It’s not good to not eat anything. After a long period of time, malnutrition may occur. Therefore, we must eat reasonably while ensuring calories. To ensure that this nutrient is not lacking, we must also Good blood sugar control.
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Re: How do diabetics eat correctly?

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I'm not sure what you mean by staple foods, so don't know if I agree or not.

Though my personal diet is primarily vegetables, I knew my best friend would not eat like me, so when he was diagnosed with Type 2, I recommended a carnivore diet to him. Granted he was newly diagnosed, but simply by eating a large pile of meat every day after work, he reversed his diabetes in 3 months.

Though I do agree that calories matter, as my bG can rise slightly simply from overeating even when I remain strictly keto, it is not the *primary* driver of Type 2 diabetes. That is insulin. It is high levels of insulin that cause insulin resistance.

Insulin rises every time we eat anything at all (hence the usefulness of time-restricted eating), but also rises more for carbohydrates and least for fat, with protein in the middle. It seems to me that limiting carbohydrate is much more important than limiting calories.

Also, I'd disagree that fiber can be used, at least not by us. The entire reason it is so healthy is because it is a carbohydrate we do not break down into glucose, rather it is digested by our gut bacteria to produce butyric acid, a wonderful "food" for the cells in our gut lining. Note that the product produced is a fatty acid, not a carbohydrate; hence fiber "feeds" us as if it were fat rather than carb.
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