Quickly learning fasting techniques

For discussion of fasting in a daily pattern (8-23 hour fasts) or up to 36 hours.
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Quickly learning fasting techniques

Post by chattykat »

Hi all. So im learning for me on insulin and post menopausal with dawn phenomena that early morning higher blood sugars that eating a fat fast meal and then 4 hours later my big salad and protein. I was told to change this up every other day with just a Salad and protein once a day.

This feels very doable for me. Cant wait to get weight off so my hip pain can go away.
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Re: Quickly learning fasting techniques

Post by jpatti »

You may find it goes away even before you lose much weight. Inflammation drops a great deal when we do keto + fasting, and a lot of pain goes with it.
My diabetes is in remission; yours can be too! :D
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