several common styles of IF

For discussion of fasting in a daily pattern (8-23 hour fasts) or up to 36 hours.
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several common styles of IF

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There's quite a wide variety in how people implement intermittent fasting.

Some just skip breakfast or dinner, eating two meals within 8 hours, thus extending their ordinary overnight fast to 16 hours (16:8).

During much of the time while reversing my diabetes, I ate OMAD (one meal a day), doing 23:1.

You can also alternate between breakfast and dinner, getting in several 36-hour fasts each week while still eating daily.

In general, the fewer times you eat in the smallest window will produce the most rapid healing.

But it's not a contest! Most importantly, choose a way of eating that is sustainable for the long-term as reversing diabetes is not something that happens in a few days or weeks and it may take some time for you to get your diabetes in remission.
My diabetes is in remission; yours can be too! :D
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