Toto, we're not on Facebook anymore (how to use this board)

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Toto, we're not on Facebook anymore (how to use this board)

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This board is run on software called phpBB. I think it is more user friendly and simpler than Facebook, but is different, so there is a learning curve if you haven't used it previously.

Here's a brief intro to how it differs from FB...

The board has forums set up (Beginners, Ketogenic dieting, Fasting etc.) and within some forums are subforums (e.g. the Fasting forum has a subforum for Intermittent Fasting and Extended Fasting). When you enter a forum, at the top, you'll see any subforums first, and then topics below.

When you post in a forum, you make a new topic and anyone who wants to can reply by posting on that topic.

You can also do neat stuff like subscribe to a topic, or see all unread topics. You're not relying on an algorithm to decide what to show you and there's no ads for suspiciously fluorescent "keto cereals" or diabetic "snacks"! Basically, it puts much more control in your hands than FB ever dreamt of, which means there's a lot of things you can do, though you don't have to learn them all right off the bat.

Anyone can read anything in most of the forums, which are public, though there's not much to see yet as it's just me who's posted so far. But to post, you have to register with the board; pseudonmyns are fine if you'd rather post anonymously, but you do have to use a real email address to register. The board will send you an email with a link you have to click to activate your account.

Once you register, your first post has to be in the Beginner's forum; thereafter you can post anywhere.

To save a shortcut on your desktop, on an Android smartphone when you're on the site, go to your browser menu and choose "Add to Home Screen". On an iphone, click the share icon and choose "Add to Home screen". Having that link means you'll always be able to find your way back.

Right under the header image is an FAQ about the board software which will provide you with all the details about what you want to do as you learn your way around.

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